What Kind of Insurance is Required for a Food Truck in Florida?

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How much is the food truck insurance cost in Florida? Where can one get affordable catering van insurance in North America? The average cost of food truck insurance is about $45 per month.

A food truck could be a great way to show off your culinary skills. It takes a lot more than putting a kitchen on wheels to start a successful food truck business.

According to food truck entrepreneurs, safety and culinary equipment might cost up to $50,000 in addition to the vehicle itself. An extra $50,000 might be spent on marketing, legal guidance, and business insurance.

Florida Food Truck Insurance Requirements

In Florida, you’ll need business coverage as well as commercial vehicle insurance for your food truck.

Industry experts at Food Truckr advise getting vehicle insurance for your truck as soon as you buy it, even if you’re months away from selling and serving food.

Insurance for Commercial Vehicles

To cover work-related driving, including the truck, you’ll need a separate commercial vehicle insurance coverage. Liability insurance for property damage, bodily harm, and legal costs is covered by commercial auto insurance.

Physical damage to your food truck caused by a collision, vandalism, theft, or weather damage is also covered. Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage is also included in commercial auto policies.

What Kind of Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Do I Require for My Food Truck Business?

Your commercial auto policy should cover the food truck’s operations as well as projected vehicle replacement expenses, legal defense, and other business liabilities.

For your truck and any additional cars, you operate in the process of running a food truck business in Florida, you must acquire the state’s minimum auto insurance coverage.

Along with the city’s application for a food truck license, certain Florida cities need a certificate of insurance. Automobile liability insurance with a combined single maximum of $300,000 is required in St. Petersburg.


Car Insurance for Hired and Non-Owned Vehicles

Unless you have a hired or non-owned clause in your business policy, you won’t be covered if you rent a trailer to transport supplies or food, or if an employee drives her car to pick up fresh produce.

If you follow the insurance company’s directions, your coverage will be valid in the event of an accident.

Employees driving for your food truck business are covered by insurance that pays expenditures in excess of, or in addition to, the employee’s auto coverage.

Insurance Coverage for Collisions

Collision insurance protects your food truck from harm in the event of an accident.

Equipment inside the truck may not be covered by collision insurance. Business liability insurance, on the other hand, might be used to replace the equipment.

Coverage for Your Food Truck That Is All-Inclusive

Theft, fire, and other non-driving causes are covered by comprehensive coverage. If vandals damage your food truck while it is parked, the comprehensive section of your commercial or business motor policy will cover the cost of repairs above the deductible.

What Other Insurance Do I Need in Florida for My Food Truck in Florida

What Other Insurance Do I Need in Florida for My Food Truck?

You are running a mobile business. Commercial vehicle insurance is required, as is company liability insurance.

Commercial Liability Insurance

Your general business liability insurance, which includes providing food to the public, will be tailored to your specific business. Customer or third-party claims against your food truck are covered by liability insurance.


Home Insurance

You’ll want to double-check that your property insurance covers the food truck’s equipment.

Many business auto policies exclude damage to culinary utensils, equipment, and other essentials such as generators.

Smoke damage, theft, vandalism, or a fire are all covered by property insurance.

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