What to Do If Your Property Was Damaged in Louisiana – A Step-by-Step Guide

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What do you do if your property was damaged in Louisiana? How do you file a property damage claim so that you can get compensated in a Southeastern U.S state like Louisiana?

In the event that property of yours has been damaged, you’ll have to report to the insurance company if you’re to be compensated. Property damage could occur in different circumstances. It could be just ordinary or negligence from another party. 

In Louisiana, the majority of property damages are caused by natural acts. It is important that you file a property damage claim if you’re to get compensated for the damages to your property. 


Here are some of the steps that you should take when filing for a property damage claim in Louisiana.

1. Document Property Damage

Insurance companies will want to know what they’re dealing with within the event of a calamity. That is why it is important that you’re as thorough as possible with the documentation. 

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re checking if the damages are covered with the insurance before reaching out to a property damage and homeowners claims attorney in Louisiana. Take pictures and videos and document all the damages that you’ve incurred on your property. If your home was burglarized, you’ll need to file a police report too.

2. Contact the Insurance Company about the Property Damage

The insurance company will need to be informed about the incident as soon as possible. You don’t want to wait for weeks before you notify them of damages as there could be a couple of things that will be unclear. 

The insurance company will notify you if the damage is covered by the insurance and provide a ballpark estimate on how much you’ll be expected to pay for the damages. Things will be a lot easier for you if you had umbrella insurance in addition to your existing coverage.


3. Filling the Property Damage Claim Forms

How to file insurance property damage claim in Louisiana

Most insurance companies have made it possible for their clients to fill the claim forms online. One of the most important documents that you’ll have to fill is the proof-of-loss form. You cannot afford to be careless about the information you submit in this form.

The proof of loss form is an official, notarized, sworn statement from the insured to the insurer concerning the scope of damage to their property. The insurance company uses this information as a basis for determining their liabilities for the property loss.

You’ll be required to provide personal information. It is during the filling of the claim form that you provide supporting evidence that can help with the compensation. Once you’ve gotten in touch with the insurer, they’ll be required by law to provide the forms within a stipulated time frame.

4. Provide Documentation

If it is a property loss, you’ll need to provide sufficient evidence of the same. Having a list of the inventory including receipts will make it easy to be reimbursed when you file a property damage claim. Most homeowners will only think about the receipts when the damage has happened and can’t substantiate the extent of the damages.


5. Making Temporary Repairs

Depending on the extent of the damages, you might need to make some emergency repairs as you await the compensation from the insurance providers. There are insurance companies that will require that you only work with a list of approved contractors. Make sure to hold onto the receipts and quotations as you’ll need them when filing for a claim.

6. Working With the Adjusters

How to file a property damage claim in Louisiana United States

The compensation you get will also depend on the final report from the adjuster. Insurance companies will be very thorough, especially when a large claim is involved. 

To avoid having potential issues with the insurance company, make sure that you’re being honest and sincere about the damages. There are homeowners who could be out to reap insurance companies and it is not as easy as some people will have it. 

Any act of insurance fraud they discover can mar your chances of getting compensated and can even take you to jail. 

To further prove to them that you are honest, you can even hire a public adjuster like we advised in this article. It was on June 6, 2017 that 5 people were indicted in Louisiana by the U.S. Attorney Peter G. Strasser for a staged accident fraud.


7. Obtaining Repairs and Rebuilt Estimates

You can get the damage estimates from local contractors so that you’re aware of how much it will cost. Having such offers from contractors will give you an upper hand in case the insurance company would like to provide a lowball offer for the damages.

8. Receiving the Payout of Your Property Damage Claim

Once everything has been streamlined and you’ve accepted the amount, the payout will be issued so that the repairs can be done. If there is a mortgage on the home, the insurance company will most likely send two checks, one to the owner and the other to the lender. The lender has a right to know about the damages to the property and the repairs that are being done on the property.



Filing for a property damage claim in Louisiana doesn’t have to be a complex endeavor if you know how to go about the process. It is not always that insurance companies will cooperate. It is important that you’re getting in touch with an experienced attorney if you’re having issues with your provider. 

Since they’re business entities, they’ll want to pay as little as possible. They have attorneys and insurance adjusters to protect their interests. You should also get a lawyer to ensure that you’re getting maximum compensation for the damages.

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