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Why England Police Impounded an Uninsured Lamborghini Driver

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Are you a new driver in England or you’ve been driving before but you don’t have an insurance cover from a recognized auto insurance company in the UK? Get ready for what is about to befall you.

Driving a supercar of $270,000 without insurance attracts a huge fine from the police. In 2019 alone, according to a report from RAC Insurance, over 80,000 uninsured motorists were caught.


West Midlands Police caught a man driving the Italian Lamborghini Aventador in Stechford, England without insurance.

Speculations have it that the white supercar is valued at $270,000 yet he could not provide proof of insurance when the police pulled him over. He also didn’t have third party insurance cover for drivers like it was stated in Road Traffic Act 1988.

The police who posted the white Lamborghini Aventador tweeted:

“Note to anyone who wants to buy a Lamborghini Aventador. Please remember to make sure it is insured for you to drive. Seized today by Stechford Response for no insurance…”

Some social media users are of the opinion that a mobile crusher should crush the car in front of the owner’s house to serve as a deterrent to those drivers flouting the order of getting a car insurance policy.


Driving a car in England without adequate insurance is a $400 fine and results in driver penalty points. This can increase your auto insurance rate

There are so many reasons why keeping a good driving record is important. The thing is, the driver can charge the case to court if he’s not ready to pay the fine of $400 for driving a supercar when he’s uninsured but if he loses, he might end up being sentenced with a suspended license and unlimited fine.

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