how do I know the best car insurance company?
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Guest Post for Insurance Blog gives an opportunity to writers, insurance brokers and insurance companies that have in-depth knowledge on any of these categories, car insurance, home insurance, health insurance, insurance quotes, travel insurance, life insurance and risk management to submit their article for publication.

However, guest posting on this blog is not without terms and conditions. For any of the following reasons, we will disregard and delete the article sent by a guest blogger or freelance writer:

  1. If you are not the original owner of the content you sent to us.
  2. If you sent us an article that has been published elsewhere (except for sponsored posts)
  3. If your article has a harsh tone, depicts you are a racist and does not have anything to do with insurance.
  4. If it is less than 700 words. (Original articles of 1,000 words and above will be given preferential treatment).
  5. If we discover that you duplicated a topic that has already been published on this platform or elsewhere. We like customized titles.
  6. If it is full of grammatical errors (misspelling, misuse of tenses, incorrect use of verbs, etc.).
  7. If we notice that it contains sponsored links or links that are irrelevant to the anchor texts and article content.

We reserve the right to accept or reject any article that does not meet our standard.

Within 72 hours of your submission, we shall review your article and send you a reply – telling you when your post will go live or if there are changes we would want you to effect.

PLEASE NOTE: at the moment has no provision to pay guest bloggers and freelance writers that publish their articles on this site. But we promise to offer author profile (not longer than 140 characters) to our contributors as a way of giving you backlinks and promotion on our blog.

The guest blogger with the highest number of posts, the highest number of page views and engagements in terms of social shares and comments will be rewarded.

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This is a golden opportunity for health insurance companies, automotive companies, life insurance companies, car insurance companies and travel insurance companies to write a guest post on our blog and get a brand mention.

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